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Consider It Dunn Strategic Connections & Event Strategy

  • Connect with Intention
  • Advocate your Passion
  • Champion for Results

I’ll be posting more about increasing your business visibility, valuable networking events, increase your revenue, how to maximize your marketing time and dollars to connect with ideal clients and create advocates (referral partners) to build advocates in your “Micro-Network”.

Consider It Dunn is a Strategic Connections & Event Strategy consultancy. I love helping my entrepreneurial and business owner clients to find the best strategic connections to meet their needs so that they can focus on their professional and personal passions. My Strategic Connections clients learn how to identify ideal connections, build trust in relationships and move quickly to the “let’s do business together” conversation.

With 20+ years of marketing, sales, event strategy, networking and project management experience, I create events and turn HOT connections into lead-generating “Micro-Networks” (reciprocal referral partnerships).

Based on a Strategic Connections Questionnaire and consultation, my recommendations are tailored to your industry-relevant challenges. I identify your ideal networking events, how to maximize your marketing time and dollars and we jump-start your “Micro-Network”, while creating opportunities to amplify your expertise and enhance your industry visibility via speaking, event strategy and sponsorship opportunities.

Connect | Advocate | Champion