7+ Networking Exit Strategies… How do I gracefully get away?

It’s wonderful to go networking. We have an opportunity to meet lots of people, share our business and learn from others. There are non-ideal circumstances as well: being uncertain of our message, not meeting the ‘right’ people and being stuck with a “long talker” whoBusiness Networking doesn’t seem to breathe. I recently received a question about “how to properly disengage from a conversation during networking”.

We’ve all been in conversations that go on a bit (or a lot) longer than expected. And we find ourselves listening to someone who is so passionate about what they do that they’ve forgotten to listen to what we might want to share. Sometimes, we must get away to complete a task or meet/greet others at the event. They may be a great connection and you always want to be personable, but you need to depart from the conversation.

It’s important to be genuine and honest with your departure. You might need to gently interrupt, with an “excuse me” or say their name to get their attention. If you’ve really enjoyed the conversation, tell the other person. If you can’t use their product or service, you might be able to connect them with someone who can. That’s always a great comment to offer.

For example, you might be in a host or ambassador role at the event. In this specific circumstance, you might explain that you are ‘on-duty’ as a volunteer. (This gives you a chance to mention your organization/role and perhaps someone else will want to join you.) You could mention that “as an ambassador or event ‘host’, you’ve been asked to greet new guests and welcome current members to the event”. In addition, you could share that it’s a great way to build visibility for your business.

Here are some specific “exit strategy” suggestions:

  1. “Thanks for the information about your company/business. I’d like to learn more. Let’s connect after the event.”
  2. “What an interesting discussion we’re having! I’d like to meet/greet a few more colleagues today. I’m at table #3, if you’d like to join me there?”
  3. “As an host/ambassador for the event today, I’ve been asked to greet new guests, would you excuse me?”
  4. You could invite your new connections to join you and meet others:  “Let’s both go and meet new people. Then we can share each other’s businesses with them.”
  5. “Thanks for the information about your company/business. I don’t know if it’s a good fit for me, but I might be able to connect you with someone else.”
  6. As a volunteer, you can always offer the comment, “I’d like to check in with our member/volunteer table to see if they need any help. Please excuse me.”
  7. “This conversation has been informative/interesting. I know we’re both here to meet new people, is there someone that I might be able to introduce you to at this event?”

And a most important comment, focusing on post-event follow-up strategy:


  • “I’ve enjoyed our conversation and would like to continue it. I’d like to meet a few additional guests today. Let’s exchange business cards, connect on LinkedIn and continue our conversation after the event?”

Great networking means significant connections. Meeting and talking at an event is a great start. Following up via social media networks and continuing your conversations via phone, e-mail and in person is critical to building excellent reciprocal relationships in business and close more sales.

What’s your favorite exit strategy? Please share!!


What an AMAZING Networking Night at Strategic ConnectionsTM 9!!

What an AMAZING Night at Strategic ConnectionsTM 9!!

Connect with Intention.
Advocate your Passion.
Champion for Results.

Connection Cards Created! Matches Made! Great conversations & many business alliances created and strengthened. Lots of early success stories of client business exchanged and reciprocal relationships already flowing. We’ve heard about some Micro-NetworkTM partnerships getting to work already!

It’s a Powerful Event of expanding business, expediting growth and achieving goals in a high energy, fun and productive evening!! It inspires connections, advocates, champions and reaches out to the great community of business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.  Join us next time for extraordinary networking and connecting!

Keys to Networking/Connecting Success:

  • Reciprocal Relationships
  • Creating a “Micro-Network”TM
  • Event Marketing Strategy

It happens at Strategic ConnectionsTM!    Click here to tag yourself & check out more photos on Facebook! 🙂 

Strategic ConnectionsTM 10  in April/May 2013


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What’s your Networking Strategy?

Recently, I was invited to an “Olympic Sized Networking Event”. Even for a networking pro like me, that was an overwhelming image. My immediate vision was of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and moving through that crowd, working to find my ideal connections – Whew! The event organizer was being topical – Summer Olympic season is upon us – and inventive – she definitely caught my attention.

But did the event align with my networking strategy? This event invitation gave me pause to reflect on what we need to consider when determining the best networking events for our strategy.

Some of the questions we consider for our clients:

  • Who is my best connection at this time (client, vendor or strategic alliance partner)? Who do I want to meet?
  • How does the event’s purpose align with my business’ goals and values?
  • What is the total time commitment for successful participate at this event (preparation, attendance, follow-up)?
  • Is this a new event (new concepts/new people, but unproven entity) or an established event (maybe same people, but proven concept)?

And the most important question for business professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • What’s my Networking Strategy?

We’ll explore this concept more soon. In the meantime, please share with us…

What do you think about when deciding to attend a networking event? 

January Jig: Event Strategy #3


The answer is in the POWER of an Event Marketing Strategy!

  • Do you want to create an event?
  • Do you want to sponsor or speak in front of your ideal clients?
  • Do you want to network at the best events to maximize your results?

If you answered YES, then let’s connect!

As my gift to Keri’s Ideal Girl Media audience, I’m offering a 30-minute consultation to evaluate & discuss your 2012 Event Marketing Strategy.

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Connect with Intention | Advocate your Passion | Champion for Results

January Jig: Event Strategy #1

Have you ever attended an event and thought, “How did they do that?”, “Love that presenter!” or “I want to be part of a great event.” I’ll share a great post at 3pm that develops these comments and gets to the heart of “Why do I want to host-speak-sponsor-participate in an event?”

Events give you (and your cause) visibility! Networking boosts your connections at events as host, attendee, sponsor or speaker. Consider these keys:

  • Have a project management approach to your event: focus on goals, budget & timeline.
  • How do you want your attendees to feel while at your event?
  • A strategic & well-planned event can boost your ability to connect with people.
  • You can share your knowledge and establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Events give visibility to a cause or passion that you want other people to support.
  • Successfully promoted/managed events use a strategic combination of social media platforms and timing.
  • Consider which are the best events at which to host, speak, sponsor or network to increase your visibility.

Thanks to Idea Girl Media for a fabulous January Jig Event!!

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