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The power of on-line social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook is that they help keep colleagues and friends connected with stories, shared experiences and ideas.  It’s a great way to stay relevant and informed. “Let’s stay in touch and get together”   You share enough, and it’s all just catching up. Your experience pool will never drain out  – you just get to add more.  But when you want to swim with new people, it’s hard to get into the pool.  Not when you’re linked by a Strategic ConnectorTM… “I’m connected with Mary Beth, she thinks highly of me, let’s go for a swim” can help you progress to the pool’s deep end quickly where you can share quality resources, connections and opportunities.

Your Micro-NetworkTM
It’s about getting outside of your existing “box” and exploring new ways of growing in your business or profession.  Having a Strategic Network means developing new friends and colleagues in related and complementary businesses that recognize the value of quality work.  You become Advocates for each other, building a Micro-NetworkTM of new team players where each of your services will benefit all of your clients, to mutual success.  But the finding and the doing… if it were easy, we all would have done it years ago.

Consider it Dunn is a marketing consultancy, specializing in Event Strategy and Strategic ConnectionsTM.  We work with our clients:

  • To search-out events and groups where you can best achieve your goals.
  • To Plan and Create Strategic ConnectionsTM hosted events, matching individuals and interests to help speed up relationship building.
  • And to Coach and Support our clients, providing our expertise on how to be selective and intentional about how and where they invest their Face to Face networking time.

Thursday, 8/14/2014 ~ 5:00 to 8:00pm   

Get Registered to Get ConnectedBusiness Matchmaking & Networking at the Highest Level
Attendees complete a pre-event Strategic Connections Questionnaire and are welcomed at the door with a Connections Card of ideal people in the room (clients, vendors, partners, colleagues, new friends) to meet their professional and business goals. Introductions are facilitated by Strategic Connections Ambassadors.
Champion Networking!

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Connect with Intention.
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