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Our Process

At Consider it Dunn, we understand the networking process and how a properly executed Event Strategy can build new and powerful Strategic ConnectionsTM.  We understand that to be successful at it, you have to Know what you want, Plan how to get there, and Execute your plan.

Our clients complete a Questionnaire, followed by a individualized consultation.  We take this information, and working closely with you, we create a plan on how to best meet your networking and marketing goals.  Our job is to match our participants via questionnaires, and strive to make introductions of like-minded participants

Based on a Strategic ConnectionsTM Questionnaire and consultation, our recommendations are tailored to your industry-relevant challenges. We identify your ideal networking events, how to maximize your marketing time and dollars, we attend events as your ‘wing-person’, and we jump-start your “Micro-Network”TM, while creating opportunities to amplify your expertise and enhance your industry visibility via speaking, event strategy and sponsorship opportunities.

Know what you want:  We work with you to develop your Oatmeal Message. We help you define your goals:

  • Networking Strategy
  • Speaking Strategy
  • Sponsor Strategy
  • Thought Leader Strategy

Plan How to Get there:  As you clearly define your target audience, we develop an industry specific plan on the best way to reach them, targeting the events that will attract the clients and new colleagues who will become your Advocates and drive new projects and opportunities.

Execute Your Plan:  We stay with you every step of the way, assisting you as you go from event attendee to strategic networker.  We will find opportunities to expand your visibility through Sponsor events – focused on building even more visibility.  And we will look for openings for you to speak at events and meetings, reaping the benefits of thought leader status.


Thursday, 8/14/2014 ~ 5:00 to 8:00pm   

Get Registered to Get Connected! Business Matchmaking & Networking at the Highest Level
Attendees complete a pre-event Strategic Connections Questionnaire and are welcomed at the door with a Connections Card of ideal people in the room (clients, vendors, partners, colleagues, new friends) to meet their professional and business goals. Introductions are facilitated by Strategic Connections Ambassadors.
Champion Networking!

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