What’s your Networking Strategy?

Recently, I was invited to an “Olympic Sized Networking Event”. Even for a networking pro like me, that was an overwhelming image. My immediate vision was of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and moving through that crowd, working to find my ideal connections – Whew! The event organizer was being topical – Summer Olympic season is upon us – and inventive – she definitely caught my attention.

But did the event align with my networking strategy? This event invitation gave me pause to reflect on what we need to consider when determining the best networking events for our strategy.

Some of the questions we consider for our clients:

  • Who is my best connection at this time (client, vendor or strategic alliance partner)? Who do I want to meet?
  • How does the event’s purpose align with my business’ goals and values?
  • What is the total time commitment for successful participate at this event (preparation, attendance, follow-up)?
  • Is this a new event (new concepts/new people, but unproven entity) or an established event (maybe same people, but proven concept)?

And the most important question for business professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • What’s my Networking Strategy?

We’ll explore this concept more soon. In the meantime, please share with us…

What do you think about when deciding to attend a networking event?