Meet Mary Beth

“Is it frustrating to feel like you’re continuing to recycle ideas you’ve made work in the past? Do you feel like if you were connected with new people, people like you, that you could create and collaborate to move you and your company even farther?”

Mary Beth is a marketing and events strategist, who for 20 years has specialized in producing corporate, non-profit and private events and campaigns. Her Strategic ConnectionsTM programs/methodologies have been working for entrepreneurial business owners and in corporate environments, helping to create new opportunities, as well as to implement established and innovative marketing strategies to grow clients’ businesses and networks.

She has worked at and with clients such as P&G Alumni Group, Parsons Brinckerhoff (construction/engineering/program management), Northlich (PR/advertising/brand management), National Speaking of Women’s Health Foundation (non-profit), CodaOctopus (security surveillance technology), InLine (telecommunications/technology solutions provider) and Katrix/Millenium Rush (IT animation software development), as well as a plethora of high-tech, software and web application entrepreneurs and companies.

In 2010, Mary Beth launched Consider It Dunn Strategic ConnectionsTM, a service offering as well as a series of business matchmaking and strategic networking events. In the first 18 months, 260 clients have made 800 connections resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of new business and new opportunities. She has transferred her corporate expertise to benefit small and mid size business owners to think big and explore innovative ways to get more visibility and connect to new clients, colleagues and creative ideas.

“I love helping my clients to find the best Strategic ConnectionsTM – I coach them to learn how to ‘get out there’ – to identify new clients, find synergistic new colleagues and move quickly to the ‘let’s do business together’ conversations. They come to me to learn where and how to get more visibility – where to speak, sponsor and network and how to maximize those relationships. That’s what we do – we help build Strategic ConnectionsTM.”

The numbers continue to grow, and the numbers are only part of the power of this endeavor. Launched as a movement, it is creating and inspiring individuals who seek to be more connected for business and professional growth. Entrepreneur and corporate professionals are embracing the value of strategic networking and finding that the true power of connecting comes from interacting face-to-face with new and established friends and colleagues.

Phone: (513) 300-3081

Consider it Dunn LLC is expanding, currently recruiting and training other Strategic ConnectionsTM Consultants. Their knowledge of specific markets will continue to bring industry expertise and geographic diversity to our client base.

Are you a power connector? Do you love to connect people? Interested in learning more? Introduce yourself – we’d love to connect with you!

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