The Power of an Event Strategy (Part 3 of 3)

Five (5) ways to leverage your Event Strategy:

  • Speak/Present at an event
  • Create an event
  • Sponsor an event
  • Host/Collaborate on an existing event
  • Network at the best events for you!
Choosing to include an event strategy in your marketing & business planning is critical. An event (for the purposes of this paper) is defined as a goal-oriented gathering of specifically selected people, so it can be a business development coffee meet-up, a networking happy hour, a focus group, a product launch, a client appreciation party, a business meeting, etc. It can get you connected, increase your visibility and enhance your ideal client relationships!
Q & A:
Q1. Why create/join/sponsor/attend an event?
A1. A well-planned event can boost your ability to connect with people. It’s great to connect one-on-one, but it’s more powerful to share knowledge and expertise with many people at the same time. Do you want to host, speak at or sponsor the event? What are your goals and how can you reach them with an event?
Q2. Who is in the room? Who is the event audience?
A2. It’s all about being in the right room and making thoughtful, strategic connections. You’ll want to know if your ideal target clients are likely to be attending and interested in this event? What can you learn about the attendees before the event, if you’re the speaker, sponsor or co-host? Sometimes I’ve recommended that a client consider sponsoring the perfect event, even if they haven’t had sponsors previously.
Q3. When and where to schedule an event?
A3. My primary question for this topic is, “How do you want your attendees to feel at this event?” This question sets the tone for selecting an ideal venue environment and contributes to scheduling considerations, as well.
Timeline is one of the 3 key components of event management (budget & goals are the other two).
  • What day of the week is best?
  • What time of day?
  • Length of program/event
  • Travel and accommodations
  • Pre-event promotion timeline
  • Logistical event needs
  • Event ticket price, event budget
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Holidays, city or area events

Q4.How do I make a great event happen?
A4. Here are some of the key ideas in crafting a successful event strategy:

  • Communicate & collaborate with clear vision & goals
  • Invite and inspire a team to support you in your goals/event (including ideal sponsors, vendors, friends, experts)
  • What’s the ideal take-away? (promo items or community creation around purpose)
  • Creating communities before/during/post meeting to measure interest & involvement – have an emcee (MC)
  • Create and implement a comprehensive promotions, event & social media strategy
  • Consider hiring an event planner or event strategist. 🙂


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