The Power of an Event Strategy (Part 2 of 3)

I highly encourage my colleagues and clients and you, dear reader, to create a Marketing Strategy with a specific Events and Networking component.

Begin by developing a one-page summary of your business goals/objectives and 8 – 10 key detailed characteristics of your ideal client. **What’s an ideal client? The person you and your business can help the most and you’ll enjoy the experience of working together. **

Create a brainstorm session for you and your business. Have some fun and be focused. Create (guess) answers to these questions or others.

  • Do they need education and training (for certifications or skill set improvement)?
  • Where do these people do business (coffeeshop, office, on the road, home office)?
  • What is important to them (saving time, connecting with others, saving money, more time for their passions)?
  • How do they spend their time (working for clients, focused on their non-passion areas of business, with their kids, at professional association meetings)?
  • How can I most help them (based on the services and products that my business provides)?

Now that you’ve created your Event Marketing Strategy, you can share it with your “Micro-Network”TM of Advocates & Champions. They will support you in implementing your plan for success. Not sure what I mean by a “Micro-Network”TM of Advocates & Champions? Contact me (information below) and I’ll send you an audio recording of a tele-seminar that I recently recorded. It’s 45 minute of great content & expertise!

Imagine the impact of hosting, speaking at or sponsoring a well-executed event, in which your target clients and micro-network advocates are in the audience and you are center stage (in name as a Sponsor or in-person as a Presenter). Collaborating on or creating the perfect event can establish you as an authority in your industry and a talented specialist to potential clients. It is the # 1 way to enhance your visibility, motivate others to take interest in your business, share your knowledge to many and increase your revenue.

More coming soon…

About Consider It Dunn Strategic Connections
Consider It Dunn LLC is an Event and Marketing Strategy consultancy, focused on Strategic ConnectionsTM. With a passion for working with entrepreneurs and business professional and 20 years of marketing, sales, event strategy, networking, corporate and project management experience, we design strategies and execute programs where you increase your visibility through networking, speaking, sponsoring and partnering with your ideal connections at the best events. Connect with Intention | Advocate your Passion | Champion for Results Learn more about us at

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