The Power of an Event Strategy! (Part 1 of 3)

The Power of an Event Strategy!

It’s all about Marketing Strategy. Consider that as entrepreneurs, we (finally!) get to the place where we have a clear(er) picture of our ideal client. (Ideal client description below – read on.) We have our infrastructure in place, our programs created and we’ve been helping clients for a while. Now we want to build and grow this business and ideally work with clients who understand how we can help them. These clients “get” the purpose and passion of our business and they “get” the value that delegating to an expert can provide.

So, to get to the question that I hear very often, “Where can I find these ideal clients?” This series of posts will suggest some answers to that question.

Keys to success:

  • Value-Oriented Content. It’s critical to provide excellent content about your area of expertise. Your ideal clients want to learn and understand the depth and breadth of your knowledge. Most of us are very busy and may not have time to absorb it all, but having a resource – a font of knowledge – and knowing where to go (website, Facebook page, e-mail notes) is critical. Provide great content is builds credibility and is also a portal to learning more about how we can engage for service and support for our business and personal needs.
  • Form and Function. Create a way to share information and content that feels great for you and speaks well to your ideal client audience. Although I love to write, I also love to speak (face-to-face) and my enthusiasm and passion translate well on video.  I’ll be posting more videos (vblogging) and encouraging my clients to connect with me via web-conference and video (e.g. Skype), so we can engage more fully.
  • Focus on your Passion. Most entrepreneurs LOVE what they do. However, we all have to do the administrative, marketing, development, strategy, financial things or non-passion areas that we don’t love. Figure out which of those areas you must do and for the other areas, find excellent resources to support you in your business practice. Having a strong business infrastructure and great vendor partnerships is an important investment of time and resources. Vendor partners are often great Advocates and Champions for your business.

I highly encourage my colleagues and clients and you, dear reader, to create a Marketing Strategy with a specific Events and Networking component.

More soon…

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